Legal regulations

Terms and definitions

User – any physical or juridical person visiting online representation of «RENEW» company (hereinafter referred to as RENEW) on the Internet. Website – online representation of «RENEW» company  on the Internet (complex of web-pages with a repetitive design, combined by common sense, located on one web-server physically and by means of navigation). Hyperlink – graphic image or text on the website or in the context of email, setting up connection and redirecting to other objects from the Internet; line in HTML-document indicating other file which can be found on the Internet and containing a full address (URL) to that file. Frame – element of programming language HTML v. 3.0 and above. Frames allow to divide web-page into several separate windows and to place a separate web-page in each of them; links from one window to the other are also allowed.

  1. Terms of use of the website: The present website is supported by «RENEW» company as a service, terms of which are stated hereunder. Use of the website implicates that you accept all the conditions of the service and agree with them. In case of disagreement with the terms, you are kindly asked not to use the website. «RENEW» is a registered trademark that belongs to Olga Shmist. The trademark is not subject to copy and/or use without write permission of the rightholder (Olga Shmist). Other objects of intellectual (industrial) property, including trademarks, are also properties of rightholders, therefore a write permission from their rightholders is required to use above objects and trademarks. Design and structure of the website, and other elements which are objects of protection according to legislation of the state of Israel, can not be reproduced (copied, imitated) completely or partly intended to create on their basis new informational objects or for any other purposes, breaking laws. Images, graphics, sound or video information can not be copied and placed on the other websites, or spreaded by means of copies made on paper or magnetic data carriers without write permission of Olga Shmist. User of the website has a right to download on this PC one copy of the pages or other materials placed on the website, but exclusively for personal non-commercial internal use on conditions that User will not change copied materials, use them in any kind of work, change or delete any notification related to copyright or other information concerning intellectual right. The right of one-time download and use of the information from the website can not be passed by User to third parties. Above action can be withdrawn or terminated by Olga Shmist at any time and by own discretion. Olga Shmist preserves its right to limit use of frames on the website, and User hereby confirms his agreement to stop using frames on the website or its part without any delay after receiving write demand from Olga Shmist. Users are obliged not to place on the website any material protected by copyright laws without permission of rightholders, owners of trademark or other property right. User, who placed above mentioned material, is considered as only responsible person for breaking copyright and property rights. Olga Shmist does not control and is not personally liable for the information, pages, other material and software on the websites containing hyperlinks to the present website or redirected from the present website. Hyperlink to or from the present website does not mean that Olga Shmist approves or recommends website referred to the hyperlink, or makes any statements about accuracy, quality, safety or adequacy of any information, pages, material or software mentioned on that website. Olga Shmist is not personally liable for User’s use of websites followed after by hyperlinks. Olga Shmist preserves a right to limit hyperlinks leading to the present website within the bounds allowed by legislation, and User hereby agrees to terminate or delete without delay any hyperlink to the present website after receiving write notification fromOlga Shmist. Information, pages and material placed on the website and which can be downloaded from the website, are presented as they actually are, without any guarantees from Olga Shmist. Olga Shmist does not guarantee accuracy, adequacy and fullness of information, pages or material, and does not respond for probable mistakes or omissions. User uses the present website at his own risk and is obliged to guarantee no viruses or other malicious objects on the pages or materials. Website can be not compatible with web-browser or other program software used by User. Olga Shmist does not assure any guarantee that website will be available in unamended or current form; broadcasting of the website can be occasionally interrupted, slowed down or terminated at any time. Website can contain dated or not precise information, and it can be modified or updated by Olga Shmist with no notification. Olga Shmist takes no responsibility and definitely declines any obligations related to updating and modifying information on the website. Olga Shmist is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by unavoidable mistakes or omissions on the website, and every User using any information from the website do that at his own risk. Olga Shmist takes no responsibility for inconformity of information about products provided by consultans to consumers and purchasers, and information provided on the website. In case consultant has his own website containing information about products and services of «RENEW», it is on his responsibility to keep an eye on official updates about products and services and to make proper amendments.
  2. Change of website terms of use: Olga Shmist is fully entitled either to modify current terms, or to introduce new ones. Such amendments come into force from the moment of their publishing on the website. Use of material from the website after changes, means that User agree with new terms.