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The Importance of Texture

Sometimes the situation with the skin is exacerbated due to the fact that the texture of the preparation does not correspond to either the type of skin or its features. For example, instead of a light gel or fluid, there is a dense “mask” of a cream with a greenhouse effect, under which everything (except self-confidence) grows by leaps and bounds.

 Wrongly chosen texture can at best be in vain, and at worst - break the protection of the skin and bring down all its intelligent settings.
 Therefore, the choice of texture should rely on professionals. The beautician, after analyzing the skin, will determine which textures are really comfortable and beneficial for the skin. 
 The choice is necessarily influenced by:
 condition of skin barriers, epidermis and dermis
 the ability of the sebaceous glands to do their job in a timely manner
 skin maturity
 Urgent or medium term need: antioxidant protection, vitaminization, nutrition, detoxification, hydration, thickening, minimization of pigmentation, smoothing of texture, return of radiance and tone
 hypersensitivity to atmospheric phenomena
 general skin response to treatment and prevention
  area of ​​influence: for example, thin delicate periorbital
 what protocol is the client in now: perhaps his skin was injured during aggressive peels
  seasonality: in summer - comfortable light textures, in winter - more active and dense.