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Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is not only about hydration. The components of the cells in the body seem to float in the water, as if in their own pool. The intercellular substance is also filled with a liquid with hyaluronic acid, so imagine what happens if the body is dehydrated 

  Turgor - elastic and necessarily well-moisturized skin - depends on the high-quality synthesis of collagen and elastin, which naturally slows down after 25 years.
  And without proper hydration, the skin matrix will begin to lose these valuable components responsible for the quality and youthfulness of the skin.
 The correct level of moisture also dictates the rate of tissue regeneration.
 Thanks to the participation of hyaluronic acid, the skin experiences less stress in case of damage, heals better, and wrinkles are smoothed out faster.
 Hyaluronic acid takes part in the most important stages of renewal and life of the largest organ of the body - the skin. Accelerates the formation of new blood vessels instead of fragile and damaged ones, activates cells to fight bacteria, maintains moisture in deep layers.