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The RENEW team are glad to welcome you to our website. Your visit is very important to us. We respect your time, so we tried to make information about the production, assortment, properties of preparations and methods of using RENEW cosmetic products as clear and accessible as possible.
" The use of advanced technologies, the development and use of only our own unique patented formulations, allows us to classify RENEW cosmetic preparations as innovative, most effective and safe to use. The high efficiency of RENEW preparations is achieved through a competent combination of the achievements of modern biotechnology with traditional extracts of medicinal plants and natural oils.The special attention of the RENEW team is directed to world biochemical developments, thanks to which, in the composition of many RENEW products, you can find various amino acid and peptide complexes, marine biopolymers and many other novelties of modern biochemistry, which make our products unique and amazing efficiency.
We offer cosmetologists and their clients a wide range of preparations for the optimal solution of various aesthetic skin problems. The ability to combine preparations from different series allows cosmetologists to perform unique procedures for the treatment of various skin problems.
Always and only for you, with love, "RENEW". "
Olga Shmist
RENEW owner
" The use of advanced technologies and innovative patented formulas makes "RENEW" cosmetics unique. Creating the preparations "RENEW" we use the latest achievements in biotechnology, combined with therapeutic herbal extracts and natural oils, which provide high efficiency of the products. In the composition of "RENEW" preparations we use the latest amino acids, peptide complexes, marine biopolymers and other innovations in biochemistry. Our set of new generation products offers beauticians a wide choice for solving various aesthetic skin problems.
Always and only for you, with love, "RENEW". "
Olga Shmist
RENEW owner
Our successes
We are making great strides and are always evolving! Here are some facts about how we work:
20 years
All these years of work, the company literally lives up to its name, keeping pace with the times, taking on the challenges of the beauty industry, taking into account the modern lifestyle and pace of life, improving cosmeceutical products using the latest innovative technologies.
19 Countries
We strive to expand the geography of the brand and carefully select partners in every country in the world.
25 new products
That is how many products RENEW, together with the best chemists from 4 leading factories in Israel, produced for the period 2020-2022.
Our team
All team members work together on all RENEW projects. We have assembled a friendly team of professionals in their field.
  • Olga Shmist
    RENEW owner
  • Svetlana Tishchenko
    Foreign partners manager
  • Tatyana Somko
    Sales manager in Israel
  • Eti Rozen
  • Ruslan Umanskiy
    Chief Engineer
  • Svetlana Makienko
    Head of Technical Control Department
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