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Reviews from our customers
  • Natalia Samuseva
    Private cosmetologist from the city of Bat Yam

    I have been working closely with RENEW for several years. Many preparations are loved in professional use, and clients ask only RENEW for home care. This is an aesthetic convenient packaging, and charming smells, a pleasant texture, and, of course, an amazing result.

    If you are looking for high-quality cosmetics at reasonable prices and want to cooperate with pleasant positive professionals in their field - you are here!

  • Betty Khakhamov
    Private clinic in Petah Tikva
    Chaya Feinstein 11


    I want to tell you about my success story with the company RENEW. I am very glad that I work with this company I see the result of my clients and my clients are very satisfied thank you for the quality of the product.

  • Tanya Moyal

    I am a cosmetologist with many years of experience in this field, and I highly recommend the Renew company, I have been working with them for about 15 years. The preparations contain active ingredients that are not found in any of the products of other cosmetic companies.

    With their help, you can achieve very good results in facial skin care, ranging from problematic oily skin to dry skin.

  • Sarit Toledano

    RENEW products are wonderful, with pleasant smells, perfect texture, my customers are passionate about the widest range of the company's products. In addition, I will praise the friendly service, price and professionalism every time.

  • Carmel Magal

    I started working with RENEW many years ago with the goal of bringing quality products to my clinic that would help me give real and professional results to my clients. From the first moment, my clients and I fell in love with creams and high-quality products adapted to the different needs of the skin - textures, scents and, of course, good results visible to the eye.

    As an experienced cosmetologist, I choose Renew over and over again.

    I would also like to mention the pleasant customer service and the charming Tanya, who always knows how to help and fulfills all requests pleasantly and professionally.

  • Irina Pustovoit

    Hi, my name is Irina. I live and work in Israel. I have been a cosmetologist for more than 12 years. More than 5 years ago I entered the Israeli market in the field of beauty, and of course the very first question that a specialist has is which company to enter the market with.

    These are the two main questions:

    1) Result, procedures and care.

    2) pricing policy, both for the cosmetologist and for the client.

    This is how I met the RENEW company.

    The first steps in the market are very difficult. There is a lot of competition, and you need results!! ️ But the Company did not let me down. The results were amazing. We can talk a lot about each line for a long time.

    Masks that can be mixed and achieve a wow effect. A line for working with Acne, one of the serious diseases. The result will delight you and your name will be on the lips of grateful clients. But most importantly, the company does not stand still, it continues to develop and give us amazing products that really work. If you are not yet familiar with the products of the Renyu company, try it, and you will also enthusiastically tell about every cream, peeling, mask, etc. And receive gratitude from your clients.

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