Whitening series WHITENING is specially formulated to eliminate pigmentation caused by increased solar radiation, various skin injuries, age-related changes and pregnancy. The main stimulus for pigment-producing cells is UV radiation, but they can also be activated in response to inflammation, skin damage, and other free radical-generating processes. To eliminate pigmentation effectively it is necessary not only to exfoliate the stratum corneum - cells that contain pigment, but also to reduce the production of melanin, that is, to influence the process of pigmentation formation, as well as effective protection from UV radiation.

In preparations of the WHITENING series, substances that affect pigment synthesis have exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and are combined in such a way as to eliminate the risk of complications, increase the effectiveness of the preparations, and improve skin condition. AHA acids, which are included into the WHITENING series products, exfoliate horny scales and promote better penetration of whitening components through the skin. Deoxy arbutin and alpha arbutin are active skin whiteners, introduced into preparations at a concentration necessary for

effective work, but without causing irritation

and allergic reactions.

Protecting your skin from the sun is a must
when using any whitening products!

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